After being spit upon, he sobbed quietly in a snowdrift as he awaited his demise.

Approximately 7-8 years old, Mishka was discovered in a snow pit. To this day, I’ll never forget the eyes he gazed at me with; they were filled with sorrow and desperation;

he wanted to give up; and when we arrived at the veterinarian, they were still the same. My heart was shattered; what could I do to assist him?

The doctor stated that a cartridge was lodged in the dog’s vertebrae, preventing him from escaping; why should a stray and innocuous dog be in such a state? Mishka still had a chance, and I would not give up; we would help him escape this horror.

After days of deliberation, the surgeons decided not to perform surgery, and we transferred him to a rehabilitation center.

The primary objective was to alleviate his agony and provide him with moderate exercises to prevent muscle atrophy. On the third day of practice, he exerted extraordinary effort.

Even though the stench of food from a garbage bag causes your heart to ache, the sick puppy is unable to locate food.

Tiny stray dog chases a police officer down the street and begs to be adopted.