As his home hospice care continues, Jimmy Carter relies on his faith and treats himself to peanut butter ice cream.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (#39) made the decision to cease any further medical treatment on February 18 so that he may spend his last days at home with his family and under the care of hospice. The Carter Centre made the announcement after a series of brief hospitalisations.

After more than three months of hospice care, Jason Carter, one of Carter’s twenty-two grandsons, gives an update on his condition. In an interview with the AP, Jason said that his grandfather’s condition is “as good as it can be right now.”

With her husband by her side the whole time, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter is now “just meeting with family” at home, according to Jason. On July 7, they will have been married for 77 years.

And they recognise that they have no authority either. Their religion has given them a solid foundation.

In that respect, it’s as good as it gets,” Jason Carter said, noting that his grandpa has seen the tremendous amount of love and support he’s gotten over the last several months from strangers all over the world thanks to the internet.

Peanut Butter and Jimmy Carter

That isn’t the only thing making him happy and at ease at home, though. Jimmy Carter’s grandson claims that the former president’s favourite dessert is a dish of peanut butter ice cream. After his father passed away in the early 1950s, the former President naturally stepped up the role of running the family peanut plantation.

Jimmy Carter overcame Gerald Ford in a close election, winning the popular vote by 2.1% and the electoral college by 297-240 to become the 39th President of the United States. After a single term in office, he was defeated for reelection in 1980 by Ronald Reagan.

With a “fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering,” Carter established The Carter Centre in 1982. Jimmy Carter and his foundation are working to “prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health” with the support of Emory University and Mrs. Carter.

Carter’s health has declined over the last several years, and he was recently diagnosed with cancer. After recovering from his short bout with cancer, he fell at his house and fractured his hip, forehead, and eye, and even had a small pelvic fracture.

On October 1st, the former President will turn 99 years old. His prognosis is unknown, even if physicians have discovered a technique to extend his life. He will either tie or exceed George H.W. Bush (who died at age 94) as the longest-living President in U.S. history.

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