At a pet adoption fair, a man finds his long-lost dog.

Jennie Clutterbuck is a devoted volunteer who often helps find new homes for dogs in need at an animal shelter in Jacksonville.

One stray dog out of all the dogs she’s met has left an impression on her. The protagonist of this tale is a dog that moved into the Florida shelter just before Thanksgiving. Her demeanor reflects her extreme apprehension of her new surroundings.

No one stepped forward to take in this terrified puppy, and weeks passed with no takers. But in the week before Christmas, a miraculous thing happened during an adoption event.

Jennie Clutterbuck posted this touching story on Facebook and said, “Sofia is the dog who breaks your heart every time you go by

their kennel because they Just. Look. So. Sad. She is as kind as can be, but she was clearly afraid when she first arrived at the shelter.

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