ANIMAL Shеltеr Brіngs Sеnіσr Cats Tσ Sеnіσrs іn Nսrsіng Hσmеs Sσ Thеу Can Cσmfσrt еach σthеr

Retirement occurs in animals older than seven years. Many residents cannot afford pets at the moment, so the opportunity to cuddle a chilly kitten is a great one for them.

We also invite the residents to stay at our shelter. It is fun and a good opportunity to get the cats scalsed.”

“The seniors enjoy telling tales about their past pets and taking pictures of them with the animals to send to their children and grandchildren. The felines enjoy these treats! Most senior cats only desire to eat, sleep, be cuddled, and be fed.

It’s a great way for the animals to socialize outside of the shelter and bring happiness to the seniors by providing them with retirement and home visits. What a wonderful concept for cat lovers and cats alike!

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