The armless girl who rose to popularity on Чoсіaɩ medicine is now an adult, stunningly attractive.

seven years old Sophi Gendreau, a guy from Hetiman, Utah, is passionate about dancing despite not having a mother.

Many people have been astounded by his amazing ability to execute things like using a knife to cut food, writing, and even pedaling a bicycle with his feet.

When Sophi was barely two years old, Christie and Jerome Green adopted her from China. His adoptive parents quickly saw how much she could do without assistance.

The memory of the time they gave Sophi her first ice cream cone is captured by Chistiana. Rather of giving it to him, Christienne took it out for Sophi, who grabbed it with his little foot and started eating it by himself.

Even with her apparent disability, Sophi has shown remarkable dexterity with her toes. She has no trouble using scissors and even a fork. She can also write with a pen, which is a crucial skill for a person without hands.

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