The cat, its head trapped, battled to break free from its garbage-filled body.

A cat was in a terrible situation where it was stuck in a sea of trash and was battling for its life. The eerie picture of its head stuck in

the rubble is a moving reminder of the predicament that many animals suffer as a result of carelessness on the part of humans.

Set against a background of litter, the cat struggled to free itself from the garbage’s smothering hold. The tiny creature’s terror increased with each

unsuccessful try as the tangle of garbage tightened its grip around its skull. The stifling imprisonment served as a terrifying example of what happens when people are careless.

The cat’s frightened gaze conveyed its intense fight for existence. Its muted calls for assistance echoed into the emptiness of

He was sitting by the road, without his “shiny” coat and in need of affection.

A lost kitten was lovingly and deeply cared for by a kind lady who took it in and made it feel at home.