The owner abandoned the kitten with two damaged front legs since it had become a handicapped cat.

A kitten with two broken front legs was abandoned in a tragic act of cruelty after its owner thought it undesirable owing to its condition.

This narrative, however, takes a heartwarming turn as the resilient feline defies all chances, demonstrating that love and drive can win over adversity.

The small kitten, formerly a treasured companion, received a heartbreaking blow when it suffered two fractured front legs, rendering it crippled. Its owner, unable to see beyond the physical disability,

made the heartbreaking decision to abandon the helpless pet. The kitten’s future appeared dismal as it struggled to navigate the world with fractured limbs.

But fate has a mysterious way of working, and the kitten’s path intersected with a compassionate person who saw beyond its deformity.

Rescue the poor cat who was abandoned on a chilly ice-covered road with no one looking after it.

The unfortunate cat, unwavering in her faith, refuses to accept that her owner abandoned her, patiently waiting beneath a vehicle.