‘Bobi’ surpasses a century-old record to become the ‘world’s oldest dog.

Bobby has not only defied the odds, but also made history by becoming the oldest dog on record at the age of 30. This endearing story begins in a small village in central Portugal, where a young

boy named Lionel Costa discovered Bobby lurking among kindling, thereby avoiding the fate that befell many of his family’s newborn canines. Costa had no idea that his cherished dog would become a living legend.

The story takes us back to Costa’s boyhood, when his financially struggling family frequently had to make difficult animal-related decisions. Bobby’s intelligence and will to survive lead him to conceal, only to be discovered a few days later by Costa and his siblings.

This early act of survival signified the beginning of a lifelong friendship and a voyage that led to a world record.
Several decades later, Costa’s desire to commemorate Bobby’s extraordinary existence led him to contact Guinness World Records. After submitting all the required documentation, Bobby was officially recognized as the oldest dog on record, surpassing an Australian Cattle Dog by nearly a century.

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