Not what I had intended to offer. Zion the kitten was released this morning. He began to have convulsions and his condition worsened. It would be an understatement to say that I’m broken this morning.

Zion the kitten has recovered from panleukopenia, but now he has a bad URI. At last, he has recovered and is no longer exhibiting symptoms.

He’s just too sluggish and thin to be a manic cat again. I adore our small pets and cuddling in the morning. Please send him your healing energy so that he can keep getting healthier.said by

Zion the kitty joined me at work. Simply put, his recovery isn’t happening as rapidly as I’d want. He is battling an infection because of

his elevated white blood cell count. I’m concerned about his lack of appetite since his bilirubin level is up. He will now be receiving IV antibiotics and supportive care.

A ill kitty was in agony, starving, and wailing even while he slept.

Introducing Piglet, the cat with the cutest tiny pig nose ever.