Within three months of each other, sisters give birth to identical twin daughters.

In addition to being expectant at the same time, Megan O’Brien and Sara Seyler, both of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, gave birth to identical twin daughters.

A family was stunned when two sisters gave birth to identical twin daughters within months of one another.

Three months after Megan O’Brien, age 29, gave birth to daughters Lilah and Josie, the parents were required to undergo a double-take. Sara stated that she was initially hesitant to inform Megan because she did not wish to’steal her glory’ (Image: Nicole Gwin / SWNS).

Sister Sara Seyler, 32, shortly gave birth to Lennon and Parker, and even their mother cannot tell them apart.

Both women from Doylestown, Pennsylvania were surprised by their identical pregnancies, as twins do not occur in their families.

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