Blake Lively Stuns In A Low-Cut Halter Dress As She Makes Postpartum Return To Work In Just 3 Months

The actress returned to work in Hollywood after having a baby, and she was seen on set in New York City with Justin Baldoni.

Blake Lively, 35, is returning to work for the first time since giving birth to her fourth child with husband Ryan Reynolds. Lively, dressed in a light brown halter dress, made an impressive appearance on set.

The outfit emphasised the beautiful waves in Lively’s natural reddish-brown hair and showed off her wonderful postpartum body.

Jennifer Garner, who just gave birth to her second child and starred in “The Age of Adaline,” will co-star with Justin Baldoni, 39, who is most known for his role on “Jane the Virgin,” in the upcoming film “It Ends with Us.

” Lively makes her big screen comeback after a three-year absence in this film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s 2016 bestseller romance book.

The “Gossip Girl” wore a light brown halter dress with striped socks and clunky shoes to Taylor Swift’s performance in Philadelphia with her two eldest children.

In addition to the summer dress, Lively wore a bubblegum pink Carhartt T-shirt and a hot pink work jacket.

And went for a natural look with just a touch of blush and a nude pink lip.

Instead of wearing necklaces or bracelets, Lively opted for bold statement rings, and she accessorised her outfit with a cream canvas tote bag with the black Valentino Garavani monogram.

Baldoni, his co-star, went for a more laid-back style, opting for a black long-sleeved shirt and matching dark pants.

He wore a gold watch on a black leather strap and his jet-black locks were tousled for a cool look. In “It Ends with Us,” Lively plays Lily Bloom, a woman who decides to leave her birthplace in Maine in order to create a new life and a company.

Lily begins to wonder whether everything she’s experiencing is too lovely to be true as the novel progresses. Bloom meets Baldoni’s neurosurgeon character, Ryle Kincaid, in a Boston setting.

As their love grows, though, complications arrive in the shape of Lily’s ex-boyfriend, Atlas Corrigan, who causes her to second-guess her feelings for Ryle. The film will have its world debut in 2024, however an exact date has not been specified.

Lively joked earlier this month that she would miss the Met Gala, an occasion close to her heart, so that she could pump breast milk for her newborn daughter.

A humorous snapshot of her adopting a theatrical posture in a restroom while dressed elegantly in a light pink cardigan was posted to her Instagram Stories.

A breast pump was stowed away under the sweater, with tubing leading from her top to the machine on the vanity. She added some levity by drawing milk squirts coming out of her upper body.

Lively skipped the Met Gala, but it wasn’t only because she was expecting a child. Ryan Reynolds revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that he and Blake Lively’s spouse were busy with their participation with the Welsh football team Wrexham AFC.

I believe we are leaving for… the United Kingdom. He said, “We have Wrexham business to deal with.” Blake announced her absence from the Met Gala during the inauguration of Tiffany & Co.’s Manhattan flagship store: Don’t expect to run into me [there]. Nonetheless, I will keep a close eye on events.

James, eight, Inez, six, and Betty, three were already part of the happy family before the newest addition came.

Among them, she was derided as “the world’s ugliest bride.”

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