POSTED INNEWS: The Dog Tried to Find a Lifeline and Made Herself a Bed with a Frayed Blanket

Harley, a young puppy, was left behind in a hazardous location where canines are often dumped. Harley wouldn’t have lived long,

but she was spared from an uncertain existence and has now found her permanent home because of the efforts of a committed rescuer.

Judy from TAO Animal Rescue looks for abandoned pets in the region on a regular basis. She discovered Harley alone and terrified,

laying on a makeshift bed. Despite the little dog’s vulnerability, her savior waited patiently for her to settle in. Judy was able to reach Harley and be taken to safety after approximately forty-five minutes.

Harley fell asleep immediately in Judy’s vehicle and slept well as she was driven away from the hazardous region. The rescuer was desperate to give Harley a loving home since she felt that things were going to be better soon.

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