POSTED STORIES Foster father offers a dog born without front legs a second opportunity rather than putting him to death.

Foster father chooses to give a dog born without front legs another opportunity rather than put him to death.

At birth, Nobby the dog lacked front legs. The doctor said that the puppy, who had just been alive for four hours, should probably be put to sleep.

Nobby’s life didn’t start off well. Due to his lack of front legs at birth, he had difficulty reaching his mother to take a nap. Nubby’s siblings rejected him, preventing him from eating, even though his mother had embraced him.

Furthermore, the veterinarian believed that it would be better to put Nobby to sleep, notwithstanding how sad it was. The small dog had only been born for four hours at that moment.

However, Lou Robinson, a Texas resident who has spent her whole life adopting and caring for abandoned and homeless dogs with her husband Mark, desired something different.

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