Adorable Pitbull abandoned by “family” becomes an official police dog.

However, what happens when their human counterparts do not reciprocate? Imagine that you are a dog who is abruptly abandoned, without anyone to care for you

This was the tragic reality for 6-year-old pit bull Halo. In deciding to part ways with her, her proprietors determined that they no longer desired the responsibility of a companion.

Suddenly, Halo found herself without a home or a loving family. Thankfully, Halo’s tale took a turn for the best when Rags 2 Riches Animal Rescue took her in.

However, let’s be honest: existence in an animal shelter is no picnic, particularly for a pit bull. The breed is frequently stigmatized unfairly, making it difficult for these canines to find permanent homes.

Halo spent nearly a year in a shelter, a length of time sufficient to make anyone lose faith. While Halo was residing with a foster family, a particular social media post attracted the attention of Upland Borough Police Lieutenant Mickey Curran.

The handler reunites with his ‘combat companion’ dog after two years apart.

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