Cameron Candace Bure has been accused of lying, and in response, the actress has called the allegations “ridiculous.”

Candace Cameron Bure has spent her whole life in the public eye. Acting was her first passion, and she began doing it while she was still a little child. The 47-year-old actress is still a household name today.

In this new novel, though, she finds herself surrounded by enraged readers. If you want to know why the actress is in trouble, read on…


Candace Cameron Bure is fighting back against the internet trolls. The 47-year-old actress said that, other from In-N-Out, she hasn’t eaten fast food in 20 years. She said on her Instagram story: “I haven’t eaten fast food in 20 years, with the exception of In-N-Out.

On occasion, I find myself curious as to the quality of a McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, or any of the other fast food chain’s burgers and fries. Now is the time. Will I learn the truth? No.”

“And no, I’ve never had Taco Bell or anything similar,” the actress said. “I don’t feel any remorse. I refuse to be persuaded.

Internet detectives, however, were not convinced by Bure’s claims. Some even managed to track down a now-deleted photo from her Instagram account. It shows the actress and one of her boys sharing a Chick-Fil-A cup. As the photo’s caption put it, “We love chikin!”


Even though the photo was dated 2012, sceptics were eager to find any reason to cast doubt on the mother-of-three’s reputation.

This time, however, instead of turning the other cheek, she had a spokeswoman address the claims of her dishonesty. A representative for Bure informed the reporters, “Candace told me that she drove her son to get food at Chick-fil-A and she only ordered an iced tea for herself.

” Her legal team called the allegations of a fib over her claim that she has not consumed fast food in 20 years “ridiculous.”

The actress is seen in the shot carrying a cup, her publicist has said. “Candace is only holding a cup,” they explained.


Bure has been transparent about her struggles with anorexia. She wrote a book called Reshaping It All in 2010 in which she discussed her difficulties.

Bure remarked in a 2016 interview, “I knew I had a problem but again, it’s like being on a runaway train and you wanna get off but you don’t know how to get off.”

Because of my husband’s frequent business trips and my subsequent loneliness, I found solace in eating. My negative perspective on food eventually led to bulimia. “It wasn’t about my body image or trying to feel good; it was about trying to find comfort or fill voids within myself,” the actress said of her struggle with eating disorders.

She hopes that by sharing her story, she might inspire her children to embrace a healthy lifestyle and prevent her children from making the same mistakes she did. Natasha is the eldest of her three children, and she also has a son, Lev, and a daughter, Maksim. She and her husband, Valeri Bure, raised a family.

The actress has been criticised before for similar actions. Just recently, she received a lot of criticism for some remarks she made regarding marriage.

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