A Marine pays tribute to his indestructible friendship with his faithful companion in the fight against bone cancer.

Jeff DeYoung, a Marine Corps veteran, wanted to give his black Labrador and war friend, Cena, a proper send-off.

The dog kept him warm during frigid evenings in Afghanistan and helped him deal with suffering back home in America.

For the war hero, Cena was much more than simply a pet, so he wanted to give him a proper send-off. The canine,

who was diagnosed with cancer, served as a Marine bomb-sniffer until 2014, when he retired and became Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung’s support dog.

She was abandoned and alone on the merciless streets, so she dragged herself through the rain and cold, pleading for assistance.

All of the rescue puppy’s muscles clenched up as he lay helplessly on the hot pavement, waiting for someone to come and save him.