Candace Cameron Bure refuses to back down in the face of criticism over ‘inappropriate’ photos with her spouse.

Candace Cameron, the Full House actress, never misses an opportunity to tell the world how much she loves her spouse of 26 years, NHL hockey player Valeri Bure. She claims that their marriage, like any other, had its ups and downs, but what kept them going was their profound faith and love for God.

“We’ve had several difficult years in a row, with ups and downs, bad attitudes and bad decisions, but we’ve persevered.” We were able to ride them out. We loved each other because of them.

We stayed focused on God’s splendour. We’re both better as a result of it. I’m very grateful to and appreciative to the guy I married.

We are not flawless, and we will continue to make errors because we are human. But God’s Word and grace sustain us as we strive to be the greatest versions of ourselves in Him. “All glory to God.”


Candice and Valeri dated for two years before getting married. Natasha, Lev, and Maksim are their three children. They constantly attempted to raise kids in the Lord’s way.

Despite Candice’s reputation as a devout Christian, a recent picture of the pair sparked controversy and drew criticism.

Valeri specifically posted the image in question, which shows him with his arm over his wife’s shoulder and his hand on her breast. Her admirers informed her that the picture was improper for a ‘Christian celebrity’ of her size, but she re-shared it and even delivered a statement in the form of a video in which she could be heard smiling and saying, “Sorry if that upset you…

Actually, I’m not sorry.” “I’m glad we still have fun together after all these years,” the actress said.

According to her, the ‘controversial’ snapshot just showed the effects of a “good and healthy marriage” after all those years together.


“It makes me laugh because it’s my husband,” she said in a subsequent Instagram story video. “He can touch me at any time he wants, and I hope he does.”

We’re pleased these two are still in love as much as they were on the first day, and we hope their marriage lasts forever and their love becomes even stronger.

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