Women’s Rescue Week inspired the company to adopt a cat, which invigorated the area and gave it new life.

The woman who inspires us today has volunteered for almost three years. However, the instance she described to us was unlike any other.

A girl once came onto an article on an animal advocacy website. It concerned a cat that is immobile and lets out loud screams.

The girl offered to help locate the poor animal, and it wouldn’t take her long. She just had to glance out into

the backyard to see the unfortunate creature. It was a stray kitty. The girl wanted to get her right away and take her to the vet.

Nobody thought that this little red cat would make it through the first night. But a miracle took happened.

Hurry up! Help save these defenseless newborn kittens that were left by their mother a day after birth. They are cries for help are so loud.