A massive rescue operation is underway to save 50 cats that are being kept in appalling conditions, giving them a shot at a life of dignity and care.

Cats are occasionally discovered alone in abandoned dwellings. But what occurred in Pennsylvania was quite different.

A family of three gathered so many animals (more than 50 felines) that they became overwhelmed and unable to care for them.

This is referred described as Noah syndrome, after Noah’s ark When the cats were discovered, they were in appalling conditions. They were filthy, flea-infested, and in bad health, piled on top of each other.

It was critical to interfere. However, most shelters are already overcrowded, and admitting 50 more animals is not easy.

As a result, there was a communal mobilization. Several organizations banded together to intervene in the residence and assist in the care of the cats, 44 of which were placed at the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

A small kitten with an abnormally huge nose stood by the roadside, hoping for a kind soul to come to their aid in their hour of need.

Today marks the start of a new life for a once-mutilated kitten, all thanks to the unshakable commitment of its savior.