A police officer observes a dog chained outside in the rain and promises to adopt him.I Want

An NYPD officer was on assignment when he encountered a distressed animal he could not disregard, according to i love my dog so much.

Michael Pascale discovered a small dog confined outside in the rain, trembling and surrounded by broken beer bottles and needles in a public park. The dog’s gaze appeared to be pleading with the officer, “Help me.”

Officer Pascale would not leave without assisting the dog and removing him from the area. He brought the dog to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center, where it would be held for a mandatory 72

hours to see if its owner turned up. But Michael assured the dog, “I will return.” Don’t fret.” She responded to his text message about the predicament with, “Bring him home!”

Now they played a game of waiting. The officer would visit Joey as frequently as feasible in order to keep him company. Michael was eager to take the dog home once the hold was eventually lifted.

After being spit upon, he sobbed quietly in a snowdrift as he awaited his demise.

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