Therapy canines assist children in gaining the self-assurance necessary to testify against their perpetrators.

This captivating film explores the extraordinary impact of therapy canines in courtrooms.
They provide much-needed solace and support, particularly to vulnerable witnesses, such as children, as they navigate the often intimidating legal process.

These endearing furry companions provide comfort to those who have endured traumatic events, bridging the distance between the frigid procedures of the justice system and the tenderness of genuine compassion.

The video begins in a crowded courthouse, where tension and anxiety are typical. However, everything changes when the therapy canines arrive. These four-legged heroes amble through the hallways with their tails swaying.

Those impatiently anticipating their turn in court are instantaneously comforted by their mere presence.

The anchor reporting on a stolen dog witnesses the same dog strolling down the street.

DOGS Swan demonstrates to a dog who is staring at him while on a walk why he is “king” of the park.