At the shelter, two pit bulls that no one wanted found comfort in one other and eventually a permanent home.

Some puppies form relationships that are so intense they cannot be separated. Dogs who are pair bonded are very devoted to one another and cannot comprehend being apart.

Puppies who have grown up and spent a lot of time with a sibling or other pup often form a pair connection with them However, pair relationships may form even if the pups have not yet grown up together.

This is the situation with Jukebox and Agatha, two pit bulls that came to the Pima Animal Care Center in Tuscon, Arizona apart but quickly became close to one another.

First to come at the shelter was the lovely stray known as Jukebox. A month later, darling Agatha was brought in after her owners were forced to give her up.

Though they were both depressed, scared, and alone, things were about to change soon. The puppies quickly became friends in a playgroup at the shelter and knew they were meant to be.

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