A Ball of Fluffy Joy and Energy, ‘Cricket’ the Kitten Takes on the World with Courage and Confidence.

The gorgeous silver tabby, Cricket, doesn’t allow anything get in the way of his enjoying life to the fullest. Although he faces “a little tougher” circumstances than other kittens, he exemplifies the strength and flexibility of the feline spirit.

Cricket is an inexhaustible source of fun and excitement! He is a joyful, inquisitive, and lively child. Grace from the Happy Kitty Rescue said, “Seeing his spirit in action is truly inspiring.”

Cricket has two fuzzy stumps for hind legs, as shown here. Veterinarians examined him and came to the conclusion that he may have been a kitten when he lost his paws in a trap. But he escaped and made it to a Los Angeles homeless shelter.

Grace, who runs Happy Kitty Rescue, saw the shelter’s cry for help and decided to take in the kitten. The rescuer takes care of Joey, a shelter cat who became renowned after being rescued despite having two of his front legs amputated.

Grace saw Joey in Cricket, and thus she felt compelled to save the cat. She immediately drove to get him and took him home, where she showered him with affection and a bath. He warmed up quickly and began engaging in his first ever toy play.

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Watch in awe as a homeless cat’s eyes open for the first time in months, showing a beauty that has everyone in awe.