When going to the seashore for the first time, a greyhound with a “broken soul” cannot contain his delight.

This uplifting story is about Milo, a juvenile greyhound whose life changed drastically after being adopted by a couple living on a sailboat.

The essence of Milo’s voyage is captured in a video by GeoBeats Animals, illustrating his transformation from a wounded spirit to an exuberant, beach-loving companion.

Milo’s tale begins with a tragic event. During his preparation to become a racing champion, he sustained a leg injury that prematurely ended his racing career.

With his racing days behind him, he entered the custody of a veterinary facility, where he remained until he was fostered by Jack and Brad.

In contrast to the majority of greyhounds, who are adopted after their racing careers, Milo was still a puppy with latent potential and uncharted territory.

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