Seven-year-old child reincarnated as a dinosaur; his skin is covered in scales.

Epidermodysplasia verruciformis is an aberrant sensitivity to human papillomavirus that causes the formation of scaly warts; Ripon Sarker, from Thakurgaon, Bangladesh, has this ailment.

Because his family couldn’t afford medical care, the youngster was admitted to Dhaka medса College oрtа on August 20.

Ripon Sarker, age 7, displays the warts on his hands brought on by human papillomavirus infection. Ripon’s warts, which first appeared when he was only 3 months old, now spread to his feet.

As his fingers and toes can still be recognized, doctors in Dhaka are optimistic that Ripon will be able to use them in surgery.

‘They haven’t carried out any testing on him,’ his father Mahendra Das said. Doctors have promised to investigate this further before proceeding with therapy.

Tulip, the “defective” cat, overcomes obstacles and shows that nothing can stop her from finding joy, touching the hearts of those who meet her.

“I plan on attending medical school when I grow up.” It breaks my heart to think of a child born without arms who will not let his dream die.