Curvy Size 22 Model Encourages Women of All Sizes to “Wear That Bikini”

Danielle Gardiner, a body-positive model, hopes that other women will find the same strength in themselves that she has found. The 33-year-old woman is confidently strutting the beach in a size 22 bikini.

The mother of three has been called names and called out for the way she looks. She recalled that others labelled her “ugly” because of it.

There’s no need for her to dim her light or feel insecure in her own flesh. She was called a lot of derogatory things, but she persevered to become a successful model who has appeared in shoots with a wide range of people. Despite the constant criticism she faces online, Danielle still manages to bring in over £5,000 per month.


The lady said, “I get paid a fortune for being fat, and I wouldn’t be modelling or have 128,000 followers on Instagram if I was slim.”

Many models nowadays are very thin. No one would have noticed me.


As for how much money she earns every session, Danielle says, “I charge around £650 for a modelling shoot and usually do around two a week.”

She noticed that the bikini photographs from her photo sessions garnered the most hateful remarks.

“When I’ve modelled a bikini and shared photos on social media, people have commented that I shouldn’t be wearing that for my size because I’m not ‘little or pretty,'” she said. I’ve been called every name in the book, including “man” and “too fat to be modelling.”

Nonetheless, she remains unfazed, saying, “I couldn’t care less because my size is what makes me successful.” If I had tried to be a model when I was a size 10, I would have failed miserably.

Another thing she had said was, “I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is not afraid to be herself.”

And when on vacation in Cyprus, Danielle flaunted her curves in a bikini set from Curvick.

Take my advise this summer,” she urged her audience. Put on a bikini!

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