On the street, a cat lay face down twitching, and no one dared to approach it.

A cat remains motionless on the street, twitching compulsively, in a moment that captures both terror and sympathy.

Onlookers are hesitant to approach because the sight of the suffering animal makes them nervous. A gleam of empathy emerges among the terror as a few brave humans walk forward, determined to help and calm the injured cat.

The cat lies face down on a quiet street, its body convulsing with each twitch. Passers-by exchanged worried glances, their anxiety mingled with a sense of discomfort.

Fear grabs their hearts as they are unsure of the cat’s condition and the risks associated with intervening. The cat’s fragility is palpable, and it begs for sympathy, even in the face of fear.

The unfortunate cat, unwavering in her faith, refuses to accept that her owner abandoned her, patiently waiting beneath a vehicle.

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