The dog, discovered stuck in deadly molten rubber, was unable to move or call for assistance.

Like a lot of other animals, dogs are innocent, curious creatures. Some individuals may not see evil or even danger, which is a tactic used to control them.

People who live on the streets must put up with horrible circumstances and problems like this dog since cities are not designed for them.

A little dog went lost in Thailand and became stuck under a pile of melted rubber asphalt. He had the good fortune to have many people help him, and he is doing quite well right now. His grin was genuine and pleased.

The event happened at a plant in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, and the workers’ negligent behavior of leaving the trash in an exposed place put the poor animal in peril. Tar feels sticky because it is often used to repair streets and roads.

She tried to feed her pups to live for a long period without assistance until she was unable to do so.

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