A playful kitten named “Wink” was found among Christmas decorations and saved by a kindhearted person.

Yara was born with just one eye, so she always has a “wink.” When she was just four to six weeks old, she was discovered in a box containing Christmas lights and decorations and was sent to the veterinarian’s office.

She waited at the veterinarian for a week or two while they evaluated her to make sure she was healthy and discovered that she looked to have been born without an eye since the folks who

brought her in didn’t want to take her back. Love Meow was recounted by Matty. “She was quite sweet at the veterinarian, but a little snarky when they tried to take blood samples.”

The little cat was given a plush animal by one of the employees to snuggle with. She curled up on it and went to sleep.

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