Unbelievable 6-Day Labor Journey of a Mother to Deliver Her Precious Angel

But she continued to trust in God’s timing day after day. She and her husband decided to transfer from a planned home birth to hospital care after days of intense contractions and failure to progress beyond

4 centimeters.With an epidural, pitocin, and many position changes, as suggested by her birthing team, she progressed overnight and gave birth to her adorable son the following morning! Even with the epidural,

Whitney encouraged Irma to continue incorporating movement and position changes into her labor. She and the nrses assisted her into a side-lying release position to aid in opening her pelvic border.

Irma was at 9.5 centimeters with a cervical border as the sun rose. She bled briefly as midwife Whitney attempted to rediscover the cervix. Irma returned to a sitting position after a brief period of pushing so that rest and gravity could continue to assist in bringing her child down.

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