Delta Burke’s spouse has been there for her for the last 34 years, through thick and thin.

A strong marriage can endure any storm.

Sometimes in modern society, spouses seem to take their promises for granted and really keep them. But Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney are two examples of individuals who have been true to their promises of marriage for over three decades.

Read on to find more about all the difficulties this couple has faced together…

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Gerald McRaney had his heart set on asking out Delta Burke the moment he laid eyes on her. Given the number of suitors, he was well aware of the challenges he faced.

When questioned about the time he asked her out, he explains, “I wasn’t going to let her get away. I was up against rivals at the time. People were asking her out on dates, and I planned to move in as soon as possible.

McRaney had an instant attraction to her and knew she was the one for him. He popped the question on their second outing together. However, the pair didn’t officially become husband and wife until May 28th, 1989, two years after they began dating.

Even if it wasn’t as quick as McRaney had hoped, he was overjoyed to finally be with the woman of his dreams.

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Burke was marrying for the first time, while McRaney was on his third try. But he was determined to make it work this time.

The couple was head over heels in love, but their union was met with opposition from others. Specifically, McRaney had certain pals who cautioned him not to trust him. However, each argument was met by his dismissal.

He recalled asking, “Why not?” They are the only ones who can make sense of this craziness. Indeed, she does. It won’t be a huge problem if I’m on site and I don’t phone her till 2 in the morning. “She’s got it.”

They understood each other’s struggles since they were both employed in the entertainment business. This would allow them to share experiences and solutions to problems.

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They are each other’s greatest cheerleaders when they succeed. Burke was McRaney’s strongest supporter when he won a Primetime Emmy for his role in “This Is Us.” With tears in her eyes, she cheered on her husband from the crowd.

McRaney has received a lot of criticism over his career as an actor, but the one person whose opinion he values is Burke’s. He can trust her judgement on whether a performance is successful or requires improvement.

In 1998, the couple faced one of the most difficult tests of their marriage. Burke’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after the death of Burke’s grandmother. As for her acting career, she had taken a break following a dispute with the creators of “Designing Women.”

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Some viewers may have seen the actress putting on weight while she was on the programme. It came out that her weight gain was due to hypoglycemia, which she had been battling with.

She struggled with her weight all the time. Dieting and inadequate therapy for hypoglycemia led to the development of type 2 diabetes. She went from doctor to doctor without ever receiving a definitive diagnosis.

According to Burke, “I was on the road a lot. I’d hit a wall of exhaustion. Something wasn’t right with my physique. “There was obviously something wrong, but no one could tell me what it was,” Burke said. It was diagnosed as Epstein-Barr virus. Obviously, this wasn’t what it seemed. Then one physician ran the appropriate tests and informed me that I had diabetes.


She was also tending to her mother’s demands at the time, neglecting her own. Her doctor prescribed medicine for her ailment and cautioned that if she didn’t change her diet, she would soon need insulin treatment.

Her mother was sick for a long time, but she eventually got well. Burke praised her husband for being there for her through thick and thin, monitoring her medicine intake and otherwise taking excellent care of her. McRaney also overcame lung cancer in 2004.

Now that she has diabetes, she must take insulin, and she says that McRaney is mostly responsible for her care. She said, “When I was as big as a house, he still loved me.” Through thick and thin, he has loved me unconditionally. Even now, he believes my body is hot, but I can say with absolute certainty that it is not.


The two of them maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating well together. Burke announces that her health has improved.

There are no foreseeable plans for a Delta Burke acting comeback at this time. Even while he doesn’t believe she’ll go back into acting, her husband McRaney says he’d love to work with her again if the chance ever presented itself.

McRaney has no plans to retire, but he and his wife have purchased a property in central Florida and will be making the move shortly. Neither of them had any children from a prior relationship, but they have spent their lives caring for McRaney’s three children.

The pair has set an example for the rest of Hollywood and the globe by sticking to their marriage vows. All of our best wishes and warmest affections are being sent their way.

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