“By marrying her, despite everyone’s mockery, he demonstrated to the world the true meaning of love and commitment.” In videos

Because of this crazy woman, Foreig has given up all he has fought so hard for. You heard correctly—this man has anything registered under his name. Only due to this woman.

They are impoverished, but when they are together, they are more cheerful, caring, kissing, and Jewish. Who do you want to do it for if I didn’t ask for you?

Hello, has no employment at all, no family, no friends, and no health. All he has is a woman with a terrible skin condition that spreads over her whole body

. Even though this woman had never been loved by a mother before, she still didn’t want to live with Javi since he had invested all she had in order to have her.

Eventually, after a great deal of hardship, his efforts were rewarded when Domitila welcomed him and the two decided to begin a relationship.

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