Triplets from California were pregnant simultaneously: We did everything together. SEC

Giÿa Percell told The Post, “We’ve always talked about having babies together when we were younger, but because

I was the first to get married and have children, our timelines were different and we never thought it would actually happen.” “Even though we are triplets,

we never formally sat down and said, let’s ‘pla¿’ this because of the different stages of life we were in.”

The 35-year-old sisters from Southern California are ecstatic to be embarking on yet another amazing life journey.

On January 9, Brow¿ gave birth to her second child, a baby boy. On April 28, Rawli¿gs expects to give birth to her first kid, who will also be a male. In November, Ad Phurcell will give birth to a baby girl, her third child.

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This summer, a Texas family experiences almost two times as much growth with the arrival of QADARPLETS.