Her family aban oned her, and a doctor adopted her. It’s difficult to believe what he did next.

In reality, she was rshed away immediately, and it wasn’t until five days later that the frightened parents learned what had happened.

Their girl had been diagnosed with ecephalocele, a rare heria of the brai kow. Agel’s skll hadn’t entirely closed before she was bor, allowing flid and brai tisse to collect in a growth on the frot of her face.

‘I sobbed a lot when I saw her for the first time,’ Agel’s mother told The Age.’Every time I looked at her, I cried, and I blamed myself for her condition.’

Heria expanded with her, covering much of her left eye and interfering with her ability to sleep, breathe, and play.

After years of raising money and saving, and with the assistance of the Childre First Fund, it was agreed that Agel be sent to Adelaide for life-changing surgery.

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