The triplets were born identical, making it challenging to differentiate between them.

Because the triplets were born at 29 weeks, they spent three weeks in special conditions as a precaution. Crystal Hasselquist, the mother of the identical triplets,

began to fret over time about how she would be able to distinguish between them, and in this respect, her concern was warranted because the triplets were nearly identical.

During subsequent conversations with the nurses, Crystal was advised to implement color separation, which her family did. Each child had their own color of bed linen, baby ottles, clothing, and accessories.

This worked for a while, but when the children were undressed for bathing and dressing, the ruse ceased to be effective. The proud mother then conceived a world-changing concept!

Stunning moments: This 9-year-old child was constantly by his mother’s side and assisted her in giving birth.

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