Every time the little human sibling sobs, a dog comforts him by bringing his favorite toy.

Whoever said that dogs are a man’s best friend should have seen how they interact with infants. To their human siblings, they are responsible,

kind, and polite brothers and sisters. For example, Brutus takes on the role of the most devoted sibling to Kayden, the Michalek family’s infant son.

Three-year-old Brutus is a Bullmastiff that lives in Northern California with the Michaleks, his family. According to Bonnie Michalek, he is officially the family’s first child.

Although Brutus seems harsh, he is really a very loving and playful dog. Bonnie and her husband were concerned about Brutus’s reaction if they were pregnant with their first kid.

They truly had no clue how Brutus would handle the new family member since he loves children, plays with them at the park, and gives them his

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