When a long-lost Schnauzer and his owner reunite, the dog faints from excitement

It may sound unbelievable, but dogs may really pass out from excitement. Dogs can feel a great variety of emotions, and some studies even indicates that dogs may be able to feel more complicated feelings like remorse and love.

Dogs may emit an adrenaline rush if they’re feeling really joyful or thrilled. Adrenaline may lower blood pressure and induce fainting in big quantities.

Nevertheless, unless it occurs often, there is usually nothing to worry about. Give your dog some time to recuperate and plenty of hugs and goodies if they do pass out from excitement.

The phenomena of a dog’s tail wagging so vigorously that their whole body trembles is something that pet owners are all too acquainted with.

What happens, however, when a dog’s tail wags so much that it literally makes them pass out from happiness?

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