The tragic account of a pregnant dog that is left alone and starved while trying to carry her puppies.

It was heartbreaking to find an abandoned, malnourished dog. He slumped on the side of the road, exhausted and hungry and unsure of what would happen next.

One individual can have a huge effect on the world, and Emmanuel’s tale is a powerful reminder of that. Emmanuel’s extraordinary transformation from a lone, wounded stray dog to a beloved family

pet is a moving monument to the transformational power of love, generosity, and opportunity. The importance of Emmanuel’s story, however, goes well beyond his own development.

The story of Emmanuel went viral on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, touching people all around the world. It inspired others to show their solidarity by making financial contributions to the shelter

A Dog Who Was Left Behind Finds Love and a Forever Family is a Heartwarming Story

A Dog’s Second Chance at Life: A Heartwarming Story of Love and Redemption