“I plan on attending medical school when I grow up.” It breaks my heart to think of a child born without arms who will not let his dream die.

In a truly saddening narrative, Claudine, a mother, found herself coping with great obstacles when her baby was born without arms.

Claudine’s marriage crumbled after the birth of their kid, and she and their child were left to fend for themselves.

They were in a terrible bind without a reliable source of income and couldn’t even purchase food for the baby.

Claudine’s daughter became malnourished, and the family’s predicament exacerbated when they were unable to afford medical care for the youngster.

Claudine, despite being subjected to unrelenting scrutiny from the public and even from her own family, did not give in to hopelessness. She risked rejection and grief in her fight to save her daughter’s life.

Seven-year-old child reincarnated as a dinosaur; his skin is covered in scales.

Millions of people’s hearts will melt if you throw a party that celebrates the magic and wonder of children’s birthdays.