A 9-Year-Old Son’s Unwavering Support for His Mother During Childbirth ‎

In these difficult times, few things have the ability to move s as much as this photograph of a young boy assisting his mother during labor.

Last year, when Hollie Lo of Ohio, United States became a mother for the third time, she required the support and emotional assistance of others. Charlie, her 9-year-old son, was by her side during the labor, providing assistance not only to his mother but also to the physicians.

Hollie explains that she never requested her son to be present during labor; his presence was entirely of his own volition. She believes that boys are rarely given the opportunity to participate in such moments,

but she felt it was important to involve her sons in the birthing and breastfeeding processes, as they are entirely natural events.She readily consented when Charlie and his younger sibling asked to be

present during childbirth. She desired for them to learn and experience the birth of a child, and she did not want them to miss this educational opportunity.

Within three months of each other, sisters give birth to identical twin daughters.

The baby laughs frequently, which warms the mother’s heart.