Enchanting the Heart: Round face, Sparkling eyes, and Smooth skin – The little things of a newborn that captivate us.NhuY

A round face exudes an air of warmth and softness, harkening back to the innocence and vulnerability of youth and the fleetingness of existence. Because of its purity and defenselessness, adults feel compelled to protect and care for it.

A baby with a full, rounded face is generally considered to be healthy, happy, and well-fed. The adorableness of these creatures is further enhanced by the fact that they are naturally plump

A baby’s chubby face is even more endearing when flushed with pink. The little flush on their cheeks gives off an impression of vitality and enjoyment.

It’s practically hard for parents and caregivers to keep from smothering a baby’s round face with kisses. It becomes a canvas onto which the baby’s adoring relatives may paint messages of love and devotion, cementing the family’s attachment to the newborn.

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