They hire a pregnant stray cat who has decided to have her kittens in the police station.

The police station was the safe haven of choice for this pregnant stray cat. She began purring and quickly gained the officers’ ire.

She had no idea how much love and care would be showered upon her. at little time at all, she had won the hearts of every officer at the Busan, South Korean, police station.

Adorable kittens have taken over management of this police station and seem to be doing a fine job at it. It all started when the cat initially came. She had been struck by a vehicle, and sadly, none of her kittens had made it. The cops buried the kittens with due care, but the cat did not come back. That is, up until now.

The feline was once again content… and expecting. She had the foresight to go to the police station before giving birth this time. Perhaps she knew she would be well-treated there and so she came back there.

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