An emotional puppy surprise brings a depressed marine veteran to tears.

Peter Coukoulis, a Marine veteran who has struggled with PTSD since returning to civilian life three years ago, had a wonderful

Christmas surprise when his family banded together to support him. Dena, Peter’s mother, knew that a service dog may help her son, so she planned a surprise for him.

Peter helped his family decorate the kitchen for Christmas, and the sweet event was caught on camera. Amid the celebratory mood,

a festively-wrapped package came into play, its slightly ajar top offering a tantalizing suggestion of what lied beneath.

Peter stopped momentarily because he didn’t know what to make of the unexpectedly early present. A little Beagle puppy emerged as he raised the lid, and she looked at her new friend with curiosity. Peter’s eyes began to flood up with tears as his emotions took complete control.

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