The mother’s agony at losing her twins due to premature birth was followed by her ecstatic relief when she successfully gave birth to five children in her subsequent delivery.

When Army and Chad Kempel decided to establish a family, it was not a simple process. After two years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, Amy underwent a successful IVF procedure and became pregnant with twin boys.

At 22 weeks, the pregnancy sadly ended in a premature birth. Marshall and Spencer were born prematurely and did not develop sufficiently to survive

The roken parents did not give up their desire for children and attempted again, resulting in the birth of Saannah and Aery two years later. But anyone who has experienced a labor pain or the child’s birth pain knows that pregnancy is no longer the same.

“After the births of Marshall and Spencer, and prior to the birth of Saannah, my pregnancy experience changed. When we attempted again to have a child, I

was infertile every day. Will I s the infant today? Will it be delivered prematurely? As Saannah and Aery grew older, it was time to determine whether to try for a third child, as Amy had not enjoyed her pregnancy and the process of expecting a child.

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The emotional moments of being reunited with a soldier’s newborn child remind us that we must all strive for peace.