After saving a kitten from being used as bait, a police officer develops a deep bond with the furry friend.

A lady put out a request on Facebook to find homes for three kittens when she found herself in a position where she could no longer care for them.

The first person to reply to her was a guy interested in using the kittens as bait in dogfights. The lady deleted the post immediately, but not before the right people saw it and offered assistance.

Officer Andy Simmons of the Hillsborough Police Department in North Carolina recently adopted a cat he helped save from the wheel well of a truck.

He gave him the name Officer Monty Sprinkles, but his health was terrible from the start, and he ultimately succumbed to his condition.

Simmons attempted to move on after burying Monty’s ashes in his office, but he never stopped mourning his friend.

A cat is the postal carrier’s biggest admirer, and every morning he gives him much happiness.

She patiently sits at the window, paws pushed on the glass, pleading with anybody who would listen to give her a good home.