A child was overcome with emotion as he gave his infant sibling her first embrace.

Some individuals appear to have been born to love and care for others! Mom Ali Retelle and her family recently welcomed a new baby daughter, and when her toddler son

greeted her, it was definitely love at first sight! Ali captured the couple’s adorable first meeting on camera.

A video captures a touching scene of a young boy gazing at his newborn sibling with tears in his eyes as he holds her in his arms.

He wipes away his tears without removing his eyes from her. His parents reassure him that he can speak to her even though she cannot speak back just yet, and he is overjoyed to learn

that she can hear him. His elder siblings advise him to savor these moments before his younger sister learns to speak, but he doesn’t care. Clearly, this little boy has an eart of gold.

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