When his owner returns from war, an elderly dog pours tears of joy, resulting in a touching and emotional reunion.

Nothing is more destructive to an elderly and dedicated dog who is ready to cross the rainbow than the thought of leaving without saying goodbye to his beloved owner for the last time.

There’s something really special about the attachment between a dog and its owner. A dog’s loyalty and unconditional affection for

its master are unrivaled, as demonstrated beautifully in a recent viral video that has been making the rounds on social media.

The video depicts an elderly dog crying at the feet of its owner when he returns home alive from the war. It’s a wonderful and painful moment that has moved millions of people all across the world.

A brave mother dog gives up her life to protect her frail puppies from a falling tree, displaying remarkable maternal courage.

A pregnant dog abandoned at a shelter gives birth to 14 lovely puppies, creating a wonderful image of new life and optimism.