Carrying the Marks of Love: A Profound Father Emblems His Wounds to Encourage His Son

While a mother’s love may be more genuine and tender than a father’s, it is the other child’s depth that moves people to tears

A picture that circulated at the front of the Ivory Tower depicted a father and daughter who both had enormous wounds on their heads.

The father’s daughter suffered from encephalopathy, as shown in the picture, and had just had brain surgery, leaving a large scar on her head. In an attempt to lift his spirits and share his blessings,

the father, who was devastated that his daughter had to deal with chronic illnesses and strokes at such a young age, decided to shave off a portion of his hair and draw the same scars on his scalp as his daughter.

Upon seeing the image, some mothers sent remarks expressing their profound emotions, such as “As a parent, I would prefer to be the only one who becomes ill,” “I think this father must be really heartbroken,” and “It’s so heartbreaking.”

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