Despite being an older girl now, Pittie still enjoys taking naps on her father’s shoulder.

Puppies from the same litter often end up going in different directions to become lifelong companions, but others are lucky enough to stick together and enjoy the happiness that comes with similar experiences, hobbies, and lively sibling relationships.

Introducing Norman and Annabelle, two dogs that can really claim to be the luckiest dogs ever as they have been devoted to each other from the start of their existence.

On Friday the 13th, a day some people believe to be unlucky, their tale started. But for Norman and Annabelle, who appeared to have been born under a fortunate star, it was the start of a wonderful existence.

Their story began in Maryland when Bobby Keane and his wife Danni welcomed a pregnant Pitbull girl who was just a few days away from giving birth into their house.

The expecting mother and her soon-to-arrive brood of twelve pups thought it was their duty to give them a shot at survival.

A huge-hearted woman pulls over to save two puppies who are escaping a box.

Dog owners wanted to put their excessively barking dog to sleep, but the veterinarian refused