Cute calf gets shunned by his herd but finds a new home in the form of a pack of dogs.

James, the Highland Cow, set off on an unorthodox path in life after being rejected by his bovine peers. The fact that he was raised by humans has given him the impression that he belongs with the pack of dogs.

It’s a touching story about two people who become inseparable. James’s uniqueness stood out right from the start. Adam, 33, and Emily Hopson, 32, who owned him as livestock, saw that he was isolated from the herd.

They were quick to see that James didn’t have a chance without their help, so they took him home as a pet out of compassion. James, at 4 months old, has settled in well as a family pet, developing a special affinity with the family dogs.

He does more than just hang around with his canine and feline pals; he also gets into some goofy mischief with them. The cute calf loves to kiss the faces of the dogs who hang around with him, and the dogs appear to take it in stride.

Emily, James’ roommate, called him “the sweetest creature” while describing him. He finds great joy in doting on his canine and human companions. James’s favorite thing to do is to curl up next to them and bask in the affection. Many people have been moved by this touching story of an out-of-the-ordinary cow in a family.

James’ adorable antics with his dog friends have been captured on film and are quickly going viral for all the right reasons. James is one of the most lovable, hairy bovines to ever live with dogs, and he’s become an unexpected and fascinating family member.

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